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Welcome to Videos on Islam

Lund Productions and the Videos on Islam web site are a wholly owned project of Hajj Mahmud Lund. Here you will find a large selection of video programs of Islamic content produced by both Lund Productions and Battlefield Productions, As you will see we offer a number of programs featuring talks by Shakyk Abdalqadir as-Sufi. I became a muslim through his da'wa work, alhamdillillah, in California at the end of 1977. Since I had been in the film and video production field since school days it would seem natural that my energies would now turn towards the production of media of interest to and about muslims and islam.


There is still a lot of work to be done as most people are aware that this field is under-represented and too often from either a negative or altogether ignorant perspective. By the way, I welcome any interest in cooperative projects which you might be ready to contribute to or participate in. Contact me using the link at the bottom of this text section.

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Please keep checking back here regularly, because we hope, bi'idhni'Allah - by the permission of Allah - to continue to add programs as fast as we are able. You can get an idea about many of the programs listed here via Real Player downloadable/streaming media. Please browse through our products and check out the samplers we have in streaming video format under tasters.

New in February, 2004: Lund Productions is now offering the option of program delivery on DVD. See our product and order pages for details.

For customers in the US and North America, the big news is that now NTSC versions of these programs - US video format - are available direct from us for shipping to you. In February 2004 we have added the great advantage of delivery in DVD format. This means that NTSC customers can now enjoy near original quality viewing and listening. See the orders page for details. orders page

If you are a content producer of media on topics of interest to muslims or about islam, we are ready to distribute your programs from our web site. Please contact us directly by email using the address provided above.

Lund Productions and the Videos on Islam web site are a wholly owned project of myself, Hajj Mahmud Lund. I assume complete and sole responsibility for what appears here, and for the program content of the programs available through this web-site. Please contact me personally with any questions or comments relating to this site. Thank you. email me at Lund Productions

1st March 2004

PayPal now accepted!

Well, it's about time, I can hear you saying. Although I consider PayPal a compromise solution, if you are going to sell online the buying experience must be as 'instantaneous' as possible. I had hoped that the e-dinar would fulfil that need however after three years it has yet to become a realistic option for purchases on the level at which Lund Productions is operating. Therefore, we are at work on integrating the PayPal system into our order form. However you can already use PayPal in the following manner. Fill out our normal order form and submit your order, being sure to check the PayPal payment option. That will send us an email notifying us of your order and your choice of PayPal. I will send you back ASAP an order confirmation and the order total including shipping and the Lund Productions PayPal account details.. . Click here to go to the order page now.

If you have any questions regarding order placement with PayPal please contact Lund Productions directly or PayPal to open a free account if you don't already have one.



Orphans of War - a reminder to Americans

A colleague asked me to post this postcard, used to raise money for the care of the hundreds of thousands of children orphaned in Germany as a result of the 1914-1918 war. For the last twelve years or so US policy has contributed to the premature deaths of more than half a million Iraqi children. Now, it looks like we're going to orphan the survivors in addition. Physicists claim that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Politicians and corporations evidently have another view.



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Haiti is a distraction, Venezuela is the real target

2 Mar. 2004

Let's look first at the superficial media depiction of events. I remember many questioning aloud who would be next on the agenda after Iraq. I don't remember anyone offering Haiti as the likely victim. However there are a number of lessons to be taken from the turn of events. First of all, the US failed utterly to establish stability in Haiti, a tiny half of a tiny island an hour or so from the US mainland, in the ten years since the 1994 invasion under the Clinton administration. Yet, we're supposed to imagine that the US is qualified to establish order in Afghanistan and Iraq. And that's just the beginning.

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America, look out !!!

Wake up, America, before it's too late!

Despite the near-unanimous selection by the American people of Usama bin Laden as public enemy number one and a probably majority for considering him the devil incarnate, America's real enemy is much closer to home and much closer to succeeding in achieving his goals. Yes, we mean religious fanaticism and militant extremism, but not lil' 'ol Usama.

Who, then, if not that evil, devious, image of everything antithetical to America:

One hint. Think G.W.

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The War on Terrorism celebrates Christmas

If you had your choice where would you rather celebrate Christmas - Afghanistan or Argentina?

On the one hand you can have the Christian high holy day expressed by savage and brutal killing without mercy - dead or alive in the words of the apparent leader of the civilised, Christian world - utilising the most advanced technology in the world to destroy every trace of an enemy driven already into holes in the ground and armed only with what their current enemies were willing to sell or donate to them when they were supposed allies just a few years ago.

Or, if you prefer the Dickensian depiction, Victorian images of unbearable suffering of the poor driven into extremes of despair by the unmitigated greed of the usurers, you may choose Christmas in Buenos Aires or any other Argentinian city.

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Brave New Democratic Terrorists

Democracy Strikes Back Pakistan, ally in the bold and courageous attacks by the brave warriors of the US and British led air strikes, demonstrates most clearly the implementation of democracy in our time.

Thus, bombing Afghanistan, a country which by every definition and according to every expert is already destroyed, is a democratic action, which must be supported by the great democratic leader of Pakistan, renowned for his leadership in democratic principles.

On the other hand, demonstrations in the streets of Pakistani cities, protesting these same air strikes, must be suppressed by any means, including use of brutal police force, because, in this case, people expressing an opinion is a direct threat to democracy. And that explains why Pakistan has democratically detained muslim leaders who would call for people to voice opposition to this otherwise absolutely democratic process.

We will try to avoid any unneccessary examination of this superficially contradictory situation in the education of our children as to the true democratic values which must be upheld against the terrorist enemies.

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Link to Declaration on Terrorism by Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi